Fintech Next

Fintech Next Ltd. is the brain behind “The Floor”, the first financial technology hub of its kind in Israel that provides a unique platform for startups, entrepreneurs, venture capitals and banks alike to come together in one place with the sole purpose of developing and implementing solutions to make advances in the financial technology arena. In addition to providing startups with the right tools to develop and promote their business, each year, The Floor, will choose up to five of its member startups to enter the Fintech Next Programme, an accelerator for financial technology startups.

BrightTonix Medical

BrightTonix Medical is an israeli based company that develops and markets technology based on safe & affordable solutions for teeth.

BrightTonix is dedicated to making aesthetic procedures available to the broader population by addressing industry-wide economic, technology and customer service issues


Innogen Technologies

Innogen Technologies is a leading R&D company in the field of hair loss and hair growth treatments. Based in Yokneam, Israel, Innogen's mission is to introduce a novel and revolutionary approach to hair loss, addressing the needs of both men and women.

With thorough knowledge and experience in the Medi-Aesthetic industry, Innogen focuses to deliver effective and safe energy-based-solutions for the professionals.