About Pando Group Ltd.

Who we are

Pando Group is a Chinese-backed venture capital fund headquartered in the British Virgin Islands.

Pando Group brings added value to their portfolio companies by offering them direct access to valuable contacts in the global market place, in particular Asia and China. Pando Group’s experienced and dedicated team seek to invest both time and money in developing and promoting the most promising and innovative Israeli companies in the Asian market, while in turn producing attractive returns for its investors.

What we do

Aside from providing our portfolio companies with the resources and guidance necessary to advance their business, Pando Group, through its extensive connections, is also able to provide them with an unparalleled advantage in the Asian market, with particular focus in China, with the potential for success on a global scale.

The time is right for Israel and Asia: Israel with its significant advances in high-tech is known as the “Startup Nation” while China is an ever growing mega market with a burning desire to extend its reach over the advanced technology sector - so why not try to find a way to merge the two?On the one hand, while Israel is a leader in the field of high-tech Israeli companies still find themselves limited in their ability to grow fast to their full potential and break into global markets. On the other hand, while China has unmatched distribution and production capacities it is hungry for new opportunities in high-tech but does not always have access to such opportunities locally. Our goal, therefore, is to create a perfect “marriage” between the two by providing a platform connecting Israeli companies that provide the highest level of technology, to Asian and in particular Chinese companies that are advantageously placed in the worlds largest growing market. In short, by exposing Israeli companies to the limitless opportunities coming out of the rapidly expanding Asian market, we are able to seek out the most beneficial partnerships for them in, what is today, a largely untapped and unexploited market.

How we do it

Unlike most venture capital strategies we seek to create a win-win situation for all those involved. In other words, we aim to develop our portfolio companies by providing them with the most effective tools to reach their full potential. We strive to find the right partnership combinations; companies that complement each other and fulfill each other’s needs and goals. In doing so, we essentially look to build long-term solutions for our portfolio companies: From day one we help create a pathway to success by building a step-by-step exit strategy in line with the companies’ vision. Moreover, our team of experienced professionals is genuinely committed to guiding companies through their tailor-made strategies from inception to implementation.

In general we aim to invest in non-competing companies that operate within the same industries and use the same distribution channels. This way we can offer more than just investment and guidance rather, we can also provide a joint distribution channel for our portfolio companies thereby enabling us to take a company through the stages of product characterization and development through to commercialization and finally to an exit, all in one smooth and seamless transition.

Our Mission

We aim to utilize our vast experience and connections in the global, and in particular, the Chinese market to create “matches made in heaven”.

Our Vision

To achieve and maintain a high success rate for our portfolio companies by leveraging our team’s particular experience and networks in the Asian market.